Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrre we go!

BRB, just going for a little walk.

And here we see Klokov demonstrating the Russian coaching method of hitting you with a stick until you do it right.

Spealler seems to have a much kinder approach. Here’s a quick squat class with a master.

#WeeklyGeek with the squat. Looking to have a more upright squat? Yes it requires strength in the posterior chain (hammies, butt, and back) as well as awareness, but let's look at some of the mechanics. What's the difference between reps 1,3 and 2,4? If you continue pushing your butt back (reps 1,3) and try to have vertical shins with your knees behind your toes at the bottom of the squat your chest will drop. If you let your hips and knees come forward a bit once passing parallel (reps 2,4) it allows your hips to drop between your knees creating a taller torso. This requires more mobility in the hip and ankle joints so you can keep your weight on your heels and drive your knees out. How do you get there? Squat. Fighting for good position in a squat can act as a stretch in and of itself. There are a variety of other great options for increasing mobility in the hips and ankles but don't neglect the squat.

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I seriously cannot stop laughing at this.

That one time @IanWittenber saved my life ? .. mid-Interview #HoldThatQuestionForASec #TougherThanYesterday #BuiltByBergeron – ?: @CrossFit

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Just some badasses doing badass things.

Speaking of badasses. Talk shit, get head-locked.

This is pretty badass, too.

Just gorgeous.

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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrre we go! BRB, just going for a little walk. #Repost @soulsean with @repostapp. ・・・ People always want to find a shortcut on rings but there is no way around it. ? #Crossfit #ConstantlyVaried #TrainGREATmovement @Crossfit @CFGymnastics @crossfittraining @thedavecastro A video posted by @thedavecastro on...